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The survey of the microregion around Al-Rawda revealed that the site is located in a fayda, a depression that collects runoff water from a wide region, and next to a wadi.

In that case, I afraid that my old habits will affect my studies here. The excavations have focused on the circular walls, the northern gate of the town, the temple and the nearby necropolis. The lecturers are all sporting. I have to wake up at about 4. So, as three weeks of classes passed, I experienced a lot of things.

I will try my best. Excavations at the site itself started in and are carried out by a French—Syrian mission.

These things has make me worry. Actually, I' m worrying about the science subjects which are Biology, Physics and Chemistry as i always get low marks in I'm going to talk about my new extreme life in Pahang Matriculation College. The site also served as a religious center for the region, and it played a major part in the development of extensive pastoralism and wool production at the end of the third millennium BC.

Actually, I'm not really good in writing. Both now and in the past, the area received less than millimetres 7. Work continued at least through For the time being, I will try to not be the old me and do my best here as the saying goes let bygone be bygone.

But it's doesn't matter. For your information guys, at school, I was not an excellent student who always does her homework on time and studying at all time. In addition to the excavations, a magnetometric prospection, a method that allows the detection of walls in the ground without excavating them, was carried out in the area within the city walls in Both the temple and the circular street pattern find parallels in Tell Chueralocated in a similar environment to the northeast of Al-Rawda.

I was afraid that i couldn't get any friends. It was founded around BC and finally abandoned in circa BC. The site itself is an almost circular tell with a maximum height of 2 metres 6.

Luckily, it was just for a week. Among the 97 tombs found, 54 were shaft tombs —intended for multiple burials and cut into the limestone crust of the plateau, 25 were simple cist tombs and 17 were circle tombs. Blog Essay I'm here. Al-Rawda was surrounded by hydrological installations intended to harness runoff water for irrigation.

Al-Rawda probably served as a stopping place for caravans that crossed the plateau between the Euphrates valley and the region of Qatna.

So, the time is fixed. Akkadica, vol. The town was accessible through five gates.

Thus, most of my friends told me before that getting in any matriculation college will make me feel stress as there will be a great competition among the students and it will only take 10 months to finish this matriculation programme. Sometimes, I would also break the school rules. The area inside the circular city walls measures 11 hectares 27 acrestotalling to 15—16 hectares 37—40 acres if the city walls are included, with an additional outer town of 4 hectares 9.

The southwestern part of the site is occupied by modern houses.

Rawda AlWadhahi Blog

Back then, I was a student who likes to play a lot. For the first step into in this college, it was quite nervous as none of my friends from my previous school came here. The first orientation week, I was so extremely busy!!. Alawadhi Blog Everything in my Mind. Cisco Voice Gateway Trust List Dec 4.

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Al-Rawda (tell)

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Al Rawda - 62 Church Road, EAF London, United Kingdom - Rated based on 18 Reviews "Eid Mubarak Prayer in the park was a great experience/5(18). 1/16/ Rawda Al­Wadhahi Blog 1 What is your identity? On Wednesday”s class we talked about how a person would identify himself in front of others or to himself.

Mar 21,  · Rawda AlWadhahi Blog. Topics: Middle East, Culture, Jordan Pages: 11 ( words) Published: March 21, 1/16/ Rawda Al­Wadhahi Blog 1 What is your identity? On Wednesday”s class we talked about how a person would identify himself in front of others or to himself.

1/16/ Rawda Al­Wadhahi Blog 1. Aug 02,  · Find essays and research papers on Middle East at omgmachines2018.com We've helped millions of students since Join the world's largest study community. The latest Tweets from Rawda (@RawdaEg): "محدش من منتخباتنا العربية فرحنا في كاس العالم.

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